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References for Fred / Neeake:

Jim Great Elk Waters, Unit Producer, Walt Disney Pictures
“Neeake is a dynamic, consummate presenter whose knowledge of the Shawnee and their related contact tribes is unmatched by any other historian I know.  As a Film/TV Producer and a Shawnee Tribal Chief for over 30 years, I find his consulting, historic knowledge, and high value presentations not only entertaining, but tribally didactically accurate.  His immersion technique transports the listener back in time to the places and People who were our ancestors.  One is no longer in the present.  He has the innate skill of being able to "shape shift" the listener into the place and time of his choosing.  You cannot help but return to this place changed.  Fred Neeake Shaw is an invaluable consultant for Native American historic projects. When I want it right, unquestioned and complete, Neeake is my first call.”  

Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens

"The strength of your program is in teaching a reverence for all life."

Cincinnati Museum of Natural History
"It has been a delight to work with you on all events.  Your professionalism and flexibility to deal both with the general public and the experts in prehistoric and historic Indian peoples is a wonderful gift.  That, coupled with your ability to totally captivate an audience, enriches the Museum's reputation for offering quality education programs."

Katherine (Bell) Whitehouse-Tedd, Research Officer, Cheetah Outreach 

“Neeake tells a story in such a captivating and magical way that I've seen whole audiences transfixed.  I have been privileged to have been part of his audience, as well as getting to know Neeake and his incredible work through a shared passion for cheetah conservation. Neeake is a truly amazing storyteller and interpreter of natural history.  His message of respect for nature, which underpins all of his work, is so quickly and easily absorbed and embedded in his audience.”

Bill Moyers

"A kindred spirit.  One-of-a-kind."

Steve Free, professional touring musician / performer / songwriter, Free Star Music 

"Neeake Shaw is one of the finest performers I have ever worked with. He is a consummate professional and connects well with audiences of all ages. A Master Stroryteller. I would highly recommend his program and services to any group or any function."  

The National Trust for Historical Preservation, Washington, D.C.

“Your presentation was truly moving and provided a very special and needed perspective on how Native Americans view their cultural heritage.  Your participation was singled out as a valuable addition to the programming.”

Lee Kreider, retired United Methodist elder

“Neeake (aka Fred Shaw) has informed all of us of both the history of Native Americans and an awareness of their current place in US society through his drama and advocacy.  Thousands of persons of all ages have a new appreciation of the diverse cultures and traditions that continue to thrive on this continent.  He has enriched our Christian faith through tribal understandings of the sacredness of the Earth and the animals who dwell on it.”

Sheryl Hartman, historical reenactor, author of CLOTHING OF GREAT LAKES INDIANS 

“Neeake / Fred is a professional storyteller.  He delights his audience with charm, charisma, and authentic historical information.  He dazzles an audience with his mannerisms, his passion, and grace.  Neeake sparkles when he enters a room and leaves his audience wanting more, much more.  He shines with enthusiasm as he presents his tales of old, and he articulates with eloquence and feeling.  He is respectful of the ancestors while blending his knowledge of the old with the new for modern audiences.  He is a friend and gentleman, heartwarming and delightful.  Audiences swoon at his animated stories.” 

Susan R. Stein,Curator, The Worlds of Thomas Jefferson

“It was a great pleasure to meet you at Monticello.  I am thrilled to have the wonderful video (of stories) which many of us have enjoyed."

Paul Simon, Ph.D., Professor of History, Xavier University

“The students were unanimous in their statement that you are the most dynamic,            imaginative and humane of any of the persons they have heard speak.  They were          enthralled by your stories and impressed by your knowledge.”

Dr. Mary Ellen Jones,Wittenberg University

“People are still talking about ‘the best colloquium we’ve had in years.’  Students keep bringing up ideas from your presentation.  I found the afternoon provocative, relaxing, stimulating, and entertainingly informative.”

Amy Moehringer, St. Gertrude School, OH

“I am so pleased that our students were exposed to a man who so easily instilled in them an understanding and admiration for a culture that is different from their own.”                         


Carlton N. Weber,  Executive Director, Ohio Council of Churches

“We are in your debt for the valuable counsel you have provided, and for your spirit which obviously bridged some of the tender spots on intra-Native American relationships, and with the white representatives of our churches.  You planted seeds of mutual respect, and we honor you for that ministry.”

Bishop William B. Lewis, Dakotas Area U.M. Church

“Your presentation ranked the highest I remember anyone scoring.  Everyone spoke with enthusiasm about your presentations and expressed particular appreciation for the contrast and balance between Thursday evening (traditional Native stories) and Friday morning (Christian worship).  


Joan Welsh, Indian Hill Exempted Village School District

“To captivate the entire audience (600 elementary school children) during the last hour of the last day before Spring Break was quite a performance!”


Harry Bolen, Executive Director, United Campus Ministry, Miami University

“Neeake - Fred Shaw is a storyteller of the highest order!  He always enthralled the groups he spoke to at the Campus Ministry Center at Miami University.  His stories always connected to the major themes we chose.  He shared stories and information which were both delightful and informative to the audiences we had at our various programs.  I cannot recommend Neeake highly enough.  I have the utmost respect and appreciation for his ability to weave a captivating and enriching story.  Personally, Neeake is a warm, interested, engaging individual who brings a depth of character and ethic to everything he does.”